Friday, November 26, 2010

Warli Guys on my wall

I have always loved Warli Paintings for the simplicity and yet the extreme folk beauty it eludes. The first time I saw these Warli paintings was in this amazing Punjabi restaurant called 'Treat'. Treat for the tongue and eyes. They have these beautifully simple paintings on their walls and I always wondered what they were called. One night after having dinner from this restaurant I came back and googled - "paintings drawn with two triangles" and Voila! I found the name - Warli!

Warli Paintings are basically wall paintings done by Warli tribes of Maharashtra. These are simple painting drawn with basic geometric shapes such as triangles, squares and circles and mostly
depicts festivals, hunting, fishing etc.

I have been following some super awesome design blogs and got inspired to get some Warli guys on my balcony wall and here it is for you all to see :-)

Linking this to Artsy Craftsy Challenge @ Mindful Meanderings

Another book cover project!

I made one more book cover. I found a very interesting piece of cloth and decided to keep it simple with just few wooden buttons.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wine Bottle Vase

I did this sometime back, now that I have an exclusive design blog, thought will publish it here.

Thankfully I had two wine bottles with a slight height difference to start with. I feel Jerberas and Lilies look the best on tall wine bottles. I just bought few Jerberas and few extra tiny bushy flowers to go with it. I randomly filled it and just tied a satin bow around the neck of the bottles to break the monotony of bottle colour. It looked nice.

See it for yourself.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cloth Book Cover

I started off with an easy one. I had a piece of Navy Blue Block print leftover cloth and decided to use that. I decided to cover my diary which already had a quilted cover. I just covered this cloth (just how you would use a brown paper on school books) and stuck it with super glue. It looked too plain. So I decided to add some embellishment with some matte gold colored sequins I had on the prints. I had some left over after filling the blocks, so used them on the side of the book. See it for yourself!!

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