Monday, June 20, 2011


After that small introduction to my decoupage mission, here is the post on the actual work I did. :-) I could not wait to share the pictures and I loved all the excited comments I received for the last post. Good to know some friends share the same kind of excitement :-) You all keep me motivated to try something new.

And Thank you Vineeta, you are my inspiration for this.

Here are the pictures, hope you all like it. :-)

Simple isn't it. But don't you all love to see our dear Kaliya, Doob Doob, Shambu and Tantri, the Mantri :-) I wanted the coasters to carry a theme and did not want to decoupage some random designs. My first option was to tear pages of an old fiction which had faded pages, but thankfully I did not find it. While searching for it, I stumbled upon Tinkle (Yes, I still read Tinkle ;) and I am proud of it lol). I did not have to think for too long after that. Sadly Suppandi was not there. I tried to 'cut and paste' some interesting conversations - like Kaliya saying - "I must warn my friends" (I loved it), legendary "I will be the king, at last!" and Shambu blowing his own trumpet saying, "My fame has spread so far and wide".
Hope I lived up to all the excitement and hope you all liked it :-)

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  2. Wonderfully executed, Rema!
    ps:there are many who still love those classic comics...I haven't yet got over it:))

    Sorry...typing removed it

  3. Super cool! Rock it Rema! Way to go :) :)

  4. Love it Rema, took me down the memory lane, those were the lovely Tinkle days :P And the coasters are wonderfully done, Kudos!

  5. Thank you Deepa.. True, those are instant stress busters :-)
    Thank you Vineeta :-)
    Ambika - Thanks you so much :)

  6. Beautifully done coasters Rema!! Great idea :) What material were the existing coasters? U picked them up from Staples, right? And u said u used modge podge? Is it also available in Staples. If not, where can one get it?

  7. Thank you Simran.. :-) The coasters are made of wood..But you can decoupage in almost any medium..All available in Staples.. I bought it from Garuda Mall outlet..:)

  8. oh my gosh!! this is so so pretty... I like 'tinkle'.. too.. :-) I've never tried decoupage... Always wanted to do it..

  9. Hi Rema, Came here from Simz corner - such a great idea to use Tinkle for decoupage! It will be such fun conversation starter!

    Please tell me where did you get the modge podge in Blore?

  10. Hi RS, Thanks you :) You can get it from Staples.. I have not seen it anywhere else..


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