Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shri Krishna Jayanthi

I have been away from the blogosphere. Some work, some travel, some family time, it is good to be back :) Hope you all are doing great.

It was Sri Krishna Jayanthi / Gokulashtami / Ashtami Rohini yesterday. I love all festivals obviously for the food and fun, but what is so special about this festival is the cute little Krishna feet my mother draws. She draws it with Kolam (Rice Paste) from the entrance of the house till the Pooja room, in a way that signifies Krishna's entrance to our home. 

Usually, very conveniently I just go to my mother's place for all the festivals which involve lot of work :P, but this time I was at home and decided to celebrate it. Though it was a short notice (I got to know only in the morning about it), I managed to make neyyappams and guess what, I drew Krishna's little feet. :-)

Linking it to The Weekly Story @ Colours Dekor


  1. the feet are gorgeous.. Hope you had a lovely celebration.. Thanks for linking into CD :-) Always brings a smile to my face!!


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