Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas trees on a string

I have been pinned to Pinterest and I don't regret, as it serves as a huge motivation! :)

This Christmas, I really wanted to buy a tree and do up the whole house, but could not go till the market to buy it and now I feel it is too late. I wanted it to be all up by Dec 1st itself. When you miss to do some thing on time, you lose the enthusiasm to do it at all, right?

So I just took out whatever little Christmas-y things I have and arranged it. But I felt really bad about not having the tree. So I decided to do something, some little thing to prep the Santa in me up ;-)

I decided to make lil Christmas trees on a string. I cut out a template from a thick magazine cover. I used an old invitation card to cut out the rest. I painted them with acrylic paint, tied them to a string and voila! It is ready. (Ignore the brassy wreath :P) Also excuse for the bad pictures :(

I don't know why they look blue! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Ladybug Fridge Magnet

I have been away for a long time.. The creative me has been hibernating. Thanks to Pinterest, I am back and hopefully will be active :)

So I kick started all the creativity back again with a fridge magnet made of M-seal. Easy peasy! I know.. :) It does not look all that great, but this is my very first attempt, I shall get better next time :)

Made with M-seal, painted with acrylic colours and fixed a magnet with the help of double sided tape.
(Need to know if I can buy just magnets to fix behind these anywhere in Bangalore. If any of you know, please share. Thanks)

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