Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blame Pinterest!

Blame Pinterest that I am not blogging regularly these days. I really really miss it and feel I have not been creatively productive at all!!

I have been busy and I even spent some quality time doing few things at home. I got rid of all my plastic spice dabbas and got myself lovely Yera jars :) Some new lampshades, some re-arrangement. In between all these, few super exciting weddings also, yeah work also keeps me busy! ;-)
It hasn't been really the same feeling as creating or making something, but I have been making it up with time on Pinterest! Now I have a really big DIY list on Pinterest, but haven't done even one :P

So last week, my husband got back from Tokyo. I had asked him only for one thing to get for me - yes! Washi Tapes!!! :) I am really excited and want to do something really nice with it. I am off to Kerala to say Hi to Monsoon and as soon as I am back, I am going to do something with the Washi tapes.

I wanna do lot of things, I just need more motivation, inspiration :)

Pinterest sometime just gives that, but I guess I need to make myself a real pin board, take all the prints from Pinterest and pin them on! Then may be I will do it :D
My friend never encourages me to talk about Pinterest to people who do not know about it. She is possessive about Pinterest and wants to keep it only to people who 'suit' Pinterest. I agree you need certain taste and creative inclination to survive on Pinterest. You need to be brave about your choices and tastes and also about people knowing it. It is definitely not for fakers!! You need to be yourself. It is for us, not them! :)

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