Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Washi Tape projects

This time I decided to Washi tape my laptop. Need to yet get more creative with it. But for a start, I feel this is good. Less is more, sometimes :)

Upcycled lamp

This is something I did few weeks ago, but managed to click pictures only now.

I had this lantern which I bought years ago and it was just lying around in my kitchen loft. I also had this string of lights I bought for Christmas which I wanted to use somehow. Bingo! I am sure you guessed by now. I just got them together to make a lamp :)

The Purple Lantern
String Lights

Just pushed the string lights into the lantern

Voila! :)
Enlightened :)

Sits pretty on my living room corner now!

 Do you have any upcycled projects done lately. Mail me your pictures to colourmilldesigns(at)gmail(dot)com. I shall feature them here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Washi Tapes!

I mentioned about the Washi Tapes K got for me from Japan. I have not really tried doing anything, except for few strips on a gift. So yesterday I googled about washi, found few ideas and decided to personalise my phone :) So far, I have used only one of the four. Need to figure out what to do with the rest!

So colourful, right :)

It totally matches my phone colours :)
Next, it is going to be my laptop :) What are your ideas??

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kitchen refashioned!

My kitchen has been needing makeover since I don't know when, that long. So like I mentioned earlier, I got  rid of all my plastic spice boxes and got myself lovely looking glass jars. I avoid buying plastic as well. All my fridge bottles are glass. Suddenly I see a rage of glass storage options in the market as well. It is fun shopping for Kitchen stuff, I am sure you will agree.

Don't they look cute? :) 

My favourite coloured mugs and K's favourite glass Latte mugs

Stumbled upon these cute chai glasses on a trip to market one day
Now, they are mine :)

Do you have anything made of glass at your home that you are absolutely in love with? Post your pictures here. My first link-up party :) Please post pictures of your home. Join in by adding your name and the exact blog post link. Please link back to my blog, so that we can grow the party bigger :) 

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Glimpses of my home..

Hello Friends,

I am slowly getting back at regular blogging. I badly want to.

Latest from my abode is that, I have been re-decorating. Things which I have had for more that 1.5 years are finally on my wall now :P . Yeah, I am too lazy to call the carpenter/electrician and the sorts. I feel they disturb my routine (rather the routine-less routine!) :-)

So the happy news is that finally I have fixed my lampshades and few shelves. I am loving the new look of my home. Hope you all will too :)

My living room wall

My espresso cup in the shape of Vespa :)

This stand is from a crafts Mela. The Thanjavur Bommai is from Thanjavur

In love with light :)

In love with light :)


The boxed shelves on the living room wall - Mother Earth
TV Cabinet - Mother Earth
Stand under Tanjore Painting - Fabindia
Folding Peacock Lamp - Dakshinchitra, Chennai
Lampshades - Fabindia
Knick Knacks - From all around

Hope you all like it. Suggestions welcome :)

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