Sunday, August 19, 2012

Glimpses of my home..

Hello Friends,

I am slowly getting back at regular blogging. I badly want to.

Latest from my abode is that, I have been re-decorating. Things which I have had for more that 1.5 years are finally on my wall now :P . Yeah, I am too lazy to call the carpenter/electrician and the sorts. I feel they disturb my routine (rather the routine-less routine!) :-)

So the happy news is that finally I have fixed my lampshades and few shelves. I am loving the new look of my home. Hope you all will too :)

My living room wall

My espresso cup in the shape of Vespa :)

This stand is from a crafts Mela. The Thanjavur Bommai is from Thanjavur

In love with light :)

In love with light :)


The boxed shelves on the living room wall - Mother Earth
TV Cabinet - Mother Earth
Stand under Tanjore Painting - Fabindia
Folding Peacock Lamp - Dakshinchitra, Chennai
Lampshades - Fabindia
Knick Knacks - From all around

Hope you all like it. Suggestions welcome :)

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