Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's the best time of the year! :)

Isn't it really the best time of the year. I love Christmas time and everything about Christmas. I so badly wanted to keep a huge tree and completely cover my place with Christmassy things, but alas didn't get time to shop before 1st and waa particular about doing it on time. So rather, I filled my social networking sites with Christmassy feelings :)

That's the highest creative thing I could do this season :( Sad, hibernation in progress!!)

Have a look at my facebook cover page :P

Not just that, I changed the Board Cover of the boards in my Pinterest too!! I know, too lame!! :D
But I had fun selecting the right pin for Christmas from my boards. Some by theme, some by colour. I <3 them now! :)

This season of spreading joy and love, here is the photo I will leave you with. Have a great one!

K was wearing a T-Shirt which reminded me of Black Board and with the chalk piece handy, could not resist this =)

Spread <3 and stay :)

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