Monday, June 8, 2015

Out of hibernation..Karaikudi Trip

I am out of hibernation! After almost a year!

Will update you with some pictures from my latest travel to few places in Tamilnadu. We did a road trip to Karaikudi, Madurai, Rameshwaram and Kodaikanal.

The beautiful mansions of Karaikudi will take you to a completely different world. We had a great time living in one of the mansions and eating the authentic Chettinad food :-)

The house starts at one road and ends on another

Who would not want to live in such houses. Each has 100 - 120 rooms.. That many people. Every day will be a celebration

Italian Marble, Granite Pillars, Metal Ceilings, Japanese Tiles, Burma Teak
.. Lot of history
Everyday items of yesteryear..

This is....Dining Hall!! WOW!

Italian Granites on the floor and Japanese tiles on wall

Fort nearby..

This is where we stayed.. Could not help imagining watching rain from here

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